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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

An empty subway carriage

Life never leaves anyone behind except those who have arrived at their destinations.

One of my greatest frustrations in life was always wanting more for people than they wanted for themselves.

Big mistake.

Now, with the benefit of years of experience, I research upfront the final stops, individuals & groups have set for their lives. I do my best within a reasonable time frame, to inform them of the possibility of going farther with God and I helping them but ultimately, I keep my focus on the many more that are still using the service, who want to go all the way.

A row of empty theater seats

We spend too long trying to convince those who don't need our service anymore rather than focusing on those who have recently been promoted or demoted into audience or market niche.

The empty chairs, the empty train or bus seats serve as proof that there is room to grow if we stay focused on the right people.

For everyone that gets off your train or bus and the bus of life; for one reason or the other, there are many more that are waiting to get on and those who want to go way farther.

Keep your focus on those you have left, so you don't let others end the journey prematurely for you and your other passengers before you get to your destiny.

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